Dan and Kate are fortunate to have the resources to provide their daughter with the educational opportunities, special equipment and tools necessary for Gianna to live a happy and rewarding life. They realize, however, that there are thousands of adults with disabilities who struggle every day to afford simple things, to live meaningful lives, and be able to do what all individuals have a right to. Working in the community, and housing to be made available. The new way of providing for adults is upon us. Parents of adults with disabilities cannot turn to the broken system anymore. We need to start working on Housing Alternatives and creating day programs together, as parents. The primary objective for Friends of G is to provide financial assistance to adults with special needs who are in dire need. 


Friends of G, a Non-Profit 501(c) 3 was established by Dan and Kate Okun. Parents of Gianna (G) who was diagnosed with Autism at age two. She was also recently diagnosed with atypical Rett Syndrome. Gianna inspired this movement. Motivated by their experiences in raising a child who has very complex needs, they lovingly created this foundation to bring awareness to the community and empower adults with disabilities to fulfill meaningful and happy lives. Friends of G is committed to help adults with disabilities live life to the fullest. Our mission is to provide financial assistance to individual(s) with housing and day programs, to be apart of our community. We, as communities, need to help adults reach their full potential. The scary fact that this year (2017) many young adults graduated and have nothing to move on to. They have been working hard during school years to be able to contribute to society and that is not happening right now.


Friends Of G

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